Neighborly Trees: Trimming for Boundary Harmony and Peace

Tree surgeon hanging from ropes in the crown of a tree using a chainsaw to cut branches down. The adult male is wearing full safety equipment.

Having trees in your yard can be a beautiful addition to your property, providing shade, aesthetic appeal, and even environmental benefits. However, ensuring that your trees don’t infringe on your neighbor’s property is essential. Trees that grow into neighboring yards can cause conflicts and legal issues. Regular tree maintenance, including trimming for boundary maintenance, is […]

Unveiling the Impact of Overhanging Branches on Your Property

Pale yellow wall with arched window and the branches of tree.

Overhanging branches can have significant consequences for your property and peace of mind. While trees provide shade, beauty, and environmental benefits, the presence of branches extending beyond property boundaries can pose various challenges. It is essential to ensure that the branches are healthy and safe and will not cause damage or harm to your property. […]

There Are Many Benefits to Hiring a Tree Service This Fall

Trimming tree with electric saw - environmental labor

As summer changes into fall, it’s a good idea to take some time and have a close look at all parts of your Virginia Beach, VA yard. Your trees, in particular, benefit from ongoing care. Autumn is the perfect time to get your trees trimmed properly. Trimming trees removes dead wood and optimizes the tree’s […]