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Maple tree fungal disease

A Homeowner’s Guide to Basic Tree Infections

Hundreds of different diseases infect trees around the world. Some are common, while others are exotic. Some are highly selective about species, while others are rampantly contagious. The average person can’t be expected to have a detailed understanding of all these pathogens. However, there are several basic categories of diseases, and many of them produce visible symptoms like these that anyone can learn to recognize.

Decline in Growth and Vibrancy

Observant and tree-conscious property owners may already notice when individual trees perform poorly in a particular season. This can happen for a number of reasons, and not all of them are permanent or serious. However, a steady decline in foliage output, blooming or general growth is one of the most common signs of a disease or pest infestation. If you take the time to check on your trees throughout the year, you may notice early warning signs of an infection before it causes irreversible damage.

Discolored Bark and Leaves

Many diseases are linked to recognizable discoloration of bark and leaf tissues, especially blights and other bacterial or fungal infections. Different diseases produce all kinds of discoloration tones and patterns. They can be anything from white spots across the leaves to darkened patches of bark on the trunk or weird purple splotches on new growth. It usually requires testing and observation to properly diagnose the cause of discoloration, so don’t hesitate to call professional arborists to inspect trees with this problem.

Distorted Growth

Distorted leaves, buds and shoots can be quite dramatic and disrupt the tree’s natural aesthetic. These symptoms are associated with insufficient nutrients, which is a common complication of severe infection or environmental pressures. Curling or misshapen leaves are often the first thing you’ll notice, but these diseases often cause unnatural growth patterns in shoots, twigs and buds as well.

Root Rot

Root rot is among the most insidious and deadly tree diseases because it attacks the roots, the foundation of the tree. This also means that most of the observable symptoms are below the soil line where they are out of sight for most people. This means property owners must recognize general health changes in their trees and schedule soil tests for root rot if necessary.

Tree Management That Improves Health, Safety and Aesthetics

Good tree services have to balance several considerations, including the safety of the property and the goals or preferences of the client. Protecting people is always the first priority, but ensuring the health of all your trees and the continued aesthetic appeal of your property are important goals, too.

Experienced professional arborists understand how to address all these things when developing solutions for their clients. If you need tree services in Virginia Beach, VA, know that you can turn to our team at Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal for anything from trimming to urgent tree services.

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