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Virginia Beach Emergency Tree Service

Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal in Virginia Beach is proud to provide a comprehensive range of tree care services, including our emergency tree removal service. 

We are more than just another Virginia Beach tree service, and we want the community to know it. In addition to our reliable service as a veteran and woman-owned business, we are dedicated to meeting local demand at reasonable prices without losing the quality of our services or the level of care we provide to our loyal customers. 

A tree is typically removed from its location promptly if it is deemed to be a hazard to people or nearby structures. Our Virginia Beach tree care experts will evaluate the problem and remove the tree and any leftover debris. Additionally, we will lessen the risk by looking for trees that appear to be a potential hazard. 

Call us today at (757) 821-5800 if you require our emergency tree removal service in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. We provide free estimates so there is no risk involved in giving us a call to learn more!

When Do I Need Emergency Tree Service?

It is likely that you may need the aid of the tree care professionals at Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal, as Virginia Beach experiences a wide variety of weather conditions that can affect the health of your trees and the safety of your home.

In the event that you are experiencing any of the following, please get in touch with us as soon as you can.

  • Storm damage: Storms that are extremely severe often cause damage to the structures around them as well as the trees. If a tree or limb were to break off and fall, it might potentially cause harm to a vehicle or a home. You have an immediate obligation to take down any trees on the property that are either dead or bending precariously toward buildings.

  • Weak, unhealthy, or frail trees: Infestations of insects and viruses have the potential to sap a tree’s vitality. Trees that are not healthy will have leaf patches, powdery white mildew, fluid seepage, holes in the bark, and other symptoms of illness. Trees that have branches that have broken off might potentially present a risk. Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal will be able to assist you if a tree has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be removed.

  • Trees that are leaning over: It is important to immediately take down any trees that are crooked or exhibiting other indicators of structural weakness, such as fractures. When that does not occur, trees have the potential to fall and cause injuries as well as damage to property. In the event that you observe any trees that are leaning precariously, you should get in touch with the tree care professionals at Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal immediately.

  • The tree’s roots are exposed: After months of neglect, and especially after repeated natural disasters, trees can be regularly uprooted in the middle of winter, causing the entire tree to lean in one direction. Experts such as Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal should be called in to investigate to ensure the safety of your property. The roots of a tree may also extend beyond the boundary of your property, which can be a warning sign that the tree should be cut down to prevent further damage to your or your neighbor’s property.


In the event that you are struggling with any of these issues, please immediately contact Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal at (757) 821-5800 for a free estimate from the most efficient and secure tree removal service in Virginia Beach!

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