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There Are Many Benefits to Hiring a Tree Service This Fall

As summer changes into fall, it’s a good idea to take some time and have a close look at all parts of your Virginia Beach, VA yard. Your trees, in particular, benefit from ongoing care. Autumn is the perfect time to get your trees trimmed properly. Trimming trees removes dead wood and optimizes the tree’s shape for nutrient absorption. That allows the trees to grow stronger and healthier. Our professionals are the experts you need to get this process done perfectly this fall.

Modern Equipment

Reaching the tops of your trees can be tough. Many trees grow well over 30 feet, and some can get much taller. In fact, some trees native to Virginia Beach, like the American sycamore, can reach 100 feet. That can make it impossible, and unsafe, to get to the very tops of the branches without specialized equipment. Our company has the equipment needed to prune and trim branches on even the tallest trees.


Trimming a tree means handling bulky equipment and getting many feet off the ground. Without the proper training and equipment, tree trimming can be a very dangerous job. In addition to putting the person trimming the tree at risk, others in the vicinity are also put in harm’s way. Those without the proper training may cause property damage to roofs and other home structures as well.

Expert Advice

It’s not always easy to know which trees should be trimmed and under what circumstances. It’s also not always easy to know how to trim and prune your trees correctly. A professional has the training, experience, and knowledge to offer expert advice and perform various services. They’ll show you where the tree should be trimmed in order to keep it healthy. They know the difference between a tree that is healthy but in need of trimming and one that might be dying and should be removed.

Improve Curb Appeal

With the mild temperatures in Virginia Beach, fall is the perfect time to take on outdoor home improvement projects. In addition to tasks like painting and cleaning gutters, you want to take some time to ensure that your property’s landscaping is looking its best. Hiring a tree care professional to trim trees, remove unhealthy trees, and clear brush and other debris will significantly boost your curb appeal. This is particularly beneficial if you plan on selling your home, as your yard is the first thing a potential buyer will see.

Don’t let fall come and go without having your trees trimmed and inspected. Speak with our well-trained arborists at Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal today to schedule an appointment for our services.

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