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Safe and Timely Tree Removal Can Prevent Damage and Danger

A perfectly healthy tree in a terrible location on your property may be the most important tree removal project. If you have a vigorous tree that is growing too close to a power line, it must come out. If it’s feasting on your sewer line, it could force costly repairs. To make sure that your trees are both healthy and safe, you may need to bring in a professional.

Get Your Lines Marked

If you’re getting ready to plant a young tree, call your local utilities and get your lines marked. Knowing where water lines, gas lines, and any buried power lines are will lower your risk of dangerous digging mistakes.

Perhaps you’ve recently purchased a property and have problem trees thriving in tough locations. A tree that is growing close to power lines can lead to dangerous line damage and even cause a fire in the event of a severe wind. Before you get the tree taken out, get buried lines marked for the safety of all workers involved.

Consider the Species

Depending on the age of your property, you may have some trees that are considered to be invasive. If that tree is dropping seeds or sending out root runners or suckers, removal may be the wisest strategy.

Talk with your arborist about the best choice to replace such a tree. It may be necessary to simply have the tree cut down and ground out. You may be able to plant a noninvasive or native tree in a different spot to provide shade, shelter, and beauty.

Prevent Future Risks

Perhaps you have a tree in place that is, as yet, healthy. However, it may be vulnerable to a pest or disease that is taking out trees in your region. It’s possible that you can treat the tree for this disease or pest, but it’s likely that the threat will adapt and return.

As the tree grows older, it will be at greater risk of damage and disease. Before the threat grows any worse, it’s a very good idea to simply get the tree taken down. You’ll have the freedom to plant something more resilient and put it in a better spot. Don’t wait for nature to correct an improperly placed or otherwise inappropriate tree. Be proactive and protect your home by removing it.

If you’re ready to commit to an effective tree removal project on your Virginia Beach, VA property, reach out to Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal by calling us today. We can help you plan to take out a problem or poorly placed tree before it becomes more dangerous or expensive to remove.

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