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Virginia Beach is truly a nature lover’s paradise. With three miles of boardwalk stretching along the beach, residents can be found outdoors year-round, enjoying this coastal city steeping in history and activities from the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center to First Landing State Park. And when these residents need a hand caring for their own properties and their most prominent features, they call Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal at (757) 821-5800.

Our woman and veteran-owned and operated Virginia Beach tree service company focuses on quality service to its customers and the community. New customers can rest assured that they have chosen the right team for the job thanks to Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal’s A rating from the BBB and complete accreditation.

Affordable pricing, exceptional workmanship, and free estimates are just the beginning of the features customers enjoy when working with the highly skilled team from Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal for any of their signature services in Virginia Beach, including:

The term professional means a great deal when thinking about tree removal. Most importantly, it means that the team providing the service is trained to focus on each detail of the process and the safety practices needed to ensure that no one is injured and that your property sustains no damage. The crew at Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal will remove even massive trees leaning over your home or other structure with no damage or safety concerns for your loved ones or property. In addition, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for added peace of mind for our customers and the added safety of our valued staff.
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Understanding that trees placed in a landscape need professional trimming and pruning is the first step to achieving beautiful, thriving trees on your property. From thinning to prevent storm and wind damage to removing damaged wood and helping to balance the canopy for added stability, our team will provide the expert care your trees need to increase their overall health, longevity, and the value of your property. This preventative care costs only a fraction of the price of replacing a tree and will provide a lifetime of benefits for your trees.
The trees on your commercial property are prominent focal points and add significant visual appeal and value to your property when professionally maintained. However, without the expert care of Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal, the leading Virginia Beach tree service company, those same trees can become a detriment to the property. In extreme cases, poorly maintained trees can even become a safety hazard for employees, potential customers, and guests on your property. Our tree care experts are dedicated to providing all the tree services you need at prices that work within your budget to enhance your property and its value.
Brush removal and land clearing are services that require special equipment and skilled operators to ensure the safe completion of the project. At Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal, our crews offer everything from dead tree and brush removal in a natural area to complete land clearing to create space for new construction or added outdoor living. Brush removal is also an essential step in creating a safety barrier around your home to reduce fire safety concerns significantly. In addition, our experience and expertise allow us to provide these valuable services at reasonable prices to work within any budget.
Removing any tree stump by hand can be an arduous task. However, many homeowners will take on the challenge to save time, money, and the landscape surrounding the rotting eyesore, only to give up after hours of back-breaking work. The simple, safe, and cost-effective solution to any hazardous tree stump on your property is a call to Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal at (757) 821-5800. Our team will carefully remove the stump with a commercial stump grinder to below the soil level to eliminate the safety hazard and potential for pest and rodent infestations. And the job will be completed, and the area cleaned up in a fraction of the time needed to remove a tree stump by hand.