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Getting Rid of Old Stumps Will Brighten Your Landscape

An old stump in your landscape can take away from the curb appeal of your home. If it’s in the backyard, it can become a haven for pests. Weed trees may spring up around it, making it tough to mow and keep tidy. You may forget it’s there and trip over it or hit it with your lawnmower. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of stump grinding.

Pros of Summer Stump Removal or Grinding

Summer stump removal will be easier because the ground and stump will be drier. Your arborist can easily use heavy stump grinding equipment without worrying about the tools bogging down in wet soil.

A dry stump will also chip up more effectively. The chips will be easier to spread if you simply spread out the mulch and wait for it to break down and feed the soil. They’re also likely to be smaller, which means they’ll break down more easily. As a result, the chips will be easier to mow over as grass grows up through the new soil.

If the stump was a haven for mold or bacteria, letting the wood dry out in the heat will reduce the risk of scattering active pathogens across your yard. If you know what killed the tree, consider getting your other trees checked for disease once the stump is gone.

Cons of Summer Stump Removal or Grinding

Insects, from ants and bees to wasps, will quickly make a home in any stump left in your landscape. Summertime can be their busiest season to breed and collect food. Your arborist can let you know if you need to contact a beekeeper or bring in a pest eradication service.

If the stump has been there for a while, weed trees along the roots may have cropped up. In summer they’ll be fully leafed out and may be thickening, so just getting to the stump may be a challenge. Your arborist can help you develop a plan for getting rid of those weed trees, cleaning up any trash that may have accumulated in the growth, and grinding out the stump.

Be aware of the risks of high ambient temperature in the stump grinding process. The blades of a stump grinder may get hot, both from the temperature and contact with an old, dry stump. Your arborist is also at risk of overheating. Stump grinding is dirty work, and safety gear, such as long sleeves and pants, heavy boots, and even a hard hat with ear protection, may be necessary.

If you’ve got a stump removal or grinding project that needs attention in or near Virginia Beach, VA, contact us at Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal for help.

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