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How Commercial Tree Care Can Help Your Establishment Look Great This Summer

When you run a business, you want to do everything to represent your brand well, and this includes how your property looks to the public. Commercial tree care services can play a critical role in enhancing your professional image because they maintain your landscape so that it appears vibrant and healthy. The following are some ways professional arborists can help your establishment look its best throughout the summer.

Regular Watering and Irrigation Management

One of the most critical aspects of summer tree care is ensuring that trees receive adequate water. Arborists who specialize in commercial tree care can efficiently manage irrigation systems to ensure that moisture levels remain consistent even during periods of drought. Some methods that they use to directly deliver water to root systems include soaker hoses and drip irrigation.

Pest and Disease Control

Along with pleasant weather, summer also brings an increase in pests and tree sicknesses. Arborists can spot trouble early on to prevent trees from suffering and becoming severely damaged, and they do this well before property owners know there are issues present.

To avoid the use of chemicals that can negatively impact the health of both trees and people, arborists use integrated pest management strategies to minimize infestations. Measures include biological controls using natural predators, mechanical controls like pruning, and eco-friendly chemicals when necessary.

Pruning and Maintenance

Because summer brings storms and heavy rains, tree pruning is vital. Arborists remove tree limbs that are weak or dead to prevent them from falling and damaging property and injuring people. This practice preserves the structural integrity of trees and promotes healthy growth.

Aside from keeping trees healthy and ensuring the safety of everyone at your establishment, pruning optimizes aesthetics. Arborists will shape trees to enhance their natural appearances and to improve the look of your overall landscape.

Fertilization and Soil Care

Just as humans and animals need nutrients to thrive, the same is true for trees. Over time, the soil becomes depleted of nutrients, and it must be replenished to restore the balance. Arborists will use soil tests to determine which nutrients are missing and provide targeted fertilization to promote robust growth.

In addition to fertilizing, professionals may also improve soil conditions by aerating to enhance root penetration and adding organic matter to improve soil structure. This helps ensure that trees can access the air and nutrients they need to flourish.

Emergency Response and Storm Preparation

Before storms come, arborists can fortify trees to make sure they can stand strong by using methods, such as bracing or cabling. They can also provide emergency storm cleanup services to remove trees that pose safety hazards.

Working with arborists who specialize in commercial tree care will make certain that your property is a safe and beautiful place throughout the summer. To set your business establishment up for success this year, call Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal for summer commercial tree care in Virginia Beach, VA today.

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