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Healthy Plants Can Provide Space for Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

There’s something magical about planting for the benefit of wildlife and then watching those birds, butterflies, and bees arrive. If you’re new to your property or have an area that has become overgrown, you may be dealing with unintentional wildlife and trash.

Clear the Ground

One of the most important methods for keeping your property tidy is to avoid creating a collection point for blowing trash. A rugged tangle of brush under older trees can quickly fill up with garbage and become a haven for rodents. You may even have a piece of ground that is populated by skunks and raccoons.

It’s key that you clean up the ground under these trees. Removing a large swath of brush can leave you a spot where you can plant red flowers, which can draw in-season bees and hummingbirds. This may also be a good spot to plant low-growing berry bushes to draw bees and other birds. Clearing away suckers under trees is a great way to make the space look much tidier quite quickly.

Clear the Canopy

Old trees with a crowded canopy can become fragile over time. An overly crowded canopy faces risks from high winds; if the wind can’t get through the tree, you may find a lot of broken branches.

Crowded canopies can also lead to excessive moisture. Branches and leaves that stay wet from rain and dew are more susceptible to bacteria and mold growth. If you have a flowering tree that hasn’t flowered fully in a while, a detailed pruning to open up the canopy and promote vigorous growth can bring the tree back to full beauty.

Consider Tree Removal

If you have an area of soil under your trees that tends to be bare because the shade is too deep, strategic removal of a tree or two may be necessary. An older tree that is growing brittle and weak can produce hazards as well as shade. Such a tree can easily be damaged by high winds and will suffer from insect and animal pests if and when branches crack or break off.

Removing an old tree can give you a lot of options. Remaining trees will get more sun. You can add shrubs and flowers to the landscape to encourage bees and butterflies. Consider studying about the best native plants to draw beneficial species to your yard before you plan a tree removal.

Talk with an expert to start planning any serious landscape changes. Our professionals at Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal can assist you in your plans to trim trees for habitat creation as well as for structure and beauty in Virginia Beach, VA, so call today.

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