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4 Benefits of Removing Old Brush in Virginia Beach, VA

No matter what your home looks like on the inside, the first thing people see is the outside. If you allow wild bushes to run rampant, they can take over your yard in just a few years or less. Those bushes can turn off buyers who want to make an offer on your home and make your neighbors wonder why you don’t take care of your property. Learning about the benefits of brush removal will help you see why you should call for help today.

1. Keep Wildlife Out

As much as you love some of the wild animals you see running around Virginia Beach, you won’t want to see those same animals around your home. When you allow old bushes and shrubs to grow wild, they create havens for those animals. As the temperature drops in the fall and winter, those animals will view your home as their new haven and try to find a way inside. Bush clearing helps you remove all of the tempting areas around your home that welcome rodents and other animals.

2. Reduce Fire Risks

House fires cost a lot of money every year. Even if you have a good insurance policy, a simple fire might lead you to spend a few weeks or more in a hotel until contractors can finish fixing your home. Getting rid of unwanted brushes is a good way to reduce your fire risks. Fires often happen in the Virginia Beach area in the late summer and fall months because the region gets less rainfall and conditions are so dry. All it takes is one spark for a bush to catch on fire and spread flames around your home.

3. Avoid Plant Diseases

Dutch elm disease and beech bark disease are just two of the conditions commonly found in Virginia that affect plants and trees. Not only can they cause trees to change colors and lose their leaves, but they can also lead to the trees dying. Those old bushes you keep ignoring can have a variety of diseases that they spread to other plants and trees. Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal can remove them quickly.

4. Add Value

Another reason to hire a pro for brush removal is that it adds value to your home. Boosting your curb appeal is a great way to give your home a new look. You don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money on new lights and decor. Removing old brush and dying plants from your yard takes less money and usually gets done within a few days or less.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time working on your yard to make it look the way you want. Contact Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal to schedule brush cleaning today.

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