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The Importance of Watering Trees During Winter

Trees require water to live regardless of the season. Though trees may seem dormant during winter, they still grow beneath the surface. This means they still need a regular water supply to stay healthy.

How Winter Dehydration Can Impact Trees

When it comes to trees, dehydration is a real problem during winter. As temperatures drop and the ground cools, trees can no longer take up water from the soil. This lack of hydration can lead to serious tree problems, including dieback, wilting, and even death.

Dehydration is especially problematic for young or newly planted trees. They have shallower root systems and are less able to tolerate drought conditions. Even established trees can be impacted by dehydration, especially if they are already stressed from other factors such as disease, pests, or poor growing conditions.

The following are things you can do to help your trees survive the winter months.

Check the Soil Moisture Levels Regularly

By knowing how much moisture is in the soil, you can better gauge how often to water your plants. If the soil is too dry, your plants will suffer. But if you water too often, you can have root rot or other problems.

There are different ways of checking the moisture levels in your soil. One is to simply stick your finger in the dirt and see how moist it feels. Another way is to use a moisture meter, which can be found at most garden stores.

Use Mulch to Help Retain Soil Moisture

In winter, the ground can cool quickly. A layer of mulch helps in keeping the soil warm, which makes it easier for trees to absorb moisture. Mulch also helps reduce evaporation, keeping more water in the soil for your plants.

Adjust Your Irrigation Schedule as Needed

Your irrigation schedule may need to be adjusted during the winter months. Depending on how cool it gets, you may need to water less or more frequently. Professionals can help you determine the best watering schedule for your plants.

Consider Drip Irrigation for Slow, Steady Watering

A drip irrigation system helps deliver water to plants slowly and steadily. During winter, this can be a good way to provide your trees with the hydration they need without affecting the soil’s temperature too much. All that’s needed is a simple, low-pressure irrigation system that’s easy and inexpensive to install.

Protect Your Trees From Storm Damage

When it comes to protecting your trees from storm damage, you can do a couple of things to help.

If you know a storm is coming, you can try to brace your trees for it by tying up loose branches and covering any exposed areas with burlap or other materials.

Secondly, after a storm has passed, inspect your trees for any damage and take appropriate action to fix it. Following these tips can help keep your trees healthy and strong all winter long.

It’s crucial to water your trees during winter to maintain a healthy water cycle. Following the tips outlined above can help keep your trees healthy and hydrated during the winter months. For all your tree care needs within Virginia Beach, VA, contact Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal today.

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