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3 Health Benefits of Regular Tree Trimming

Aside from increasing property value and enhancing the curb appeal of your home, trimming plays a crucial role in improving the overall health of trees. It can help increase the amount of sunlight and rainwater reaching the tree as well as stop pests and diseases from spreading to other parts of the affected tree. Keep reading to learn why arborists advise that you trim your trees regularly.

1. Stops the Spread of Pests and Diseases

When you have professional arborists trim your trees regularly, they will be able to know whether the tree is healthy or suffering from a disease. All they need to do is check the removed leaves for results. Also, inspecting removed trims helps professional tree companies know when pests have attacked a tree.

There are several benefits to early detection of diseases and pests affecting your trees. First, it is easy to eliminate the problem, and second, it will not prove costly compared to when a disease in a tree is detected late. Arborists may also decide to remove the affected tree if the disease has a greater chance of spreading to other trees and killing them.

2. Increases the Amount of Sunlight Reaching Your Trees

A tree needs sunlight to grow to the fullest. Simply put, photosynthesis will not occur without sunlight, which, in return, can greatly affect the growth and development of your tree. To ensure your tree utilizes the available sunlight to the maximum, contact an arborist to have unwanted branches and leaves trimmed regularly.

Sunlight easily penetrates through a tree with the right number of leaves. It hits the areas where it is needed and helps ensure the process of photosynthesis takes place as expected. Too many leaves can block the sunlight from reaching the right areas, hindering photosynthesis and making it hard for the tree to grow healthily.

3. Ensures Nutrients Obtained From the Soil Are Well-Utilized

A tree with several leaves and branches needs more nutrients than the one with fewer leaves and branches. This also means the tree will be using lots of energy to obtain these nutrients and maintain its health. Having an arborist trim your trees regularly ensures unimportant leaves are removed so the tree can remain with fewer leaves, which are easy to maintain.

Another reason trimming your trees regularly is crucial for their health is that it helps improve the structure of the tree. A tree overburdened by leaves can easily break during stormy weather. Tree trimming can also help reduce root loss due to a lack of oxygen and water. Several leaves on a tree can form a canopy, which, in turn, may prevent water from reaching the ground and getting to the roots. Removing these trees allows water to effortlessly reach the ground and onto the tree roots.

Trimming has more benefits, including making sure your tree gets sufficient water and sunlight for proper photosynthesis. Hiring a professional for tree trimming services is highly recommended because of the experience they have as well as the safety concerns associated with the task. Working with a professional also helps save time. At Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal, we offer professional trimming services in Virginia Beach, VA.

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