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Ready for Winter: Outdoor Christmas Tree Safety Tips From Professionals

The holiday season is almost upon us, and chances are you’re just itching to get into the Christmas spirit. It’s never too early to start decorating for the holidays, and you might even be considering setting up an outdoor Christmas tree.

Businesses using outdoor Christmas trees must also be mindful of how their decorations may increase safety risks. Before you can start decorating, here are a few important tips to remember.

Purchase Fresh Trees

It won’t do any good to have your holiday season go up in flames. Christmas tree fires happen more often than you may think. If you’re planning on decorating a real tree, a great way to prevent a potential fire is to make it a fresh one.

You’ll know the tree you get is fresh when the needles stay put when they’re touched. Before placing the tree in its stand, it’s a good idea to cut a few inches away from the trunk, so the tree can better absorb the water. You must regularly water your tree to prevent it from drying out and becoming more sensitive to heat from the holiday lights.

Check for Safety Labels on Artificial Trees

If you’re worried you won’t have the time to take care of a real tree this Christmas season, you may opt for an artificial tree. Artificial trees are amazing alternatives to real trees, as they can be used right out of the box.

However, you need to be careful with how you go about buying one. Some artificial trees may be more flammable than others. As you search for your ideal tree, make sure it’s labeled as fire-retardant.

Be Careful About Electrical Outlets

Decorating the outside of your home for Christmas will draw a lot more power than usual, so be mindful of your home’s electrical capacity.

One of the leading causes of a fire is an overloaded electrical outlet. Having multiple sources draw from a single outlet can be risky. Be sure to space out your Christmas tree and decorations by using individual outlet and extension cords.

A home should never exceed 80% of its maximum electrical capacity. You can calculate this on your own, but it’s better to call a professional to ensure the most accurate figure.

In commercial buildings, be sure that you have enough electricity to safely light outdoor trees along with your general usage.

Throw Away the Tree

Dry trees are a major fire hazard, so you want to discard your outdoor trees as soon as the holidays are over, and they become brittle. The greater risk of wildfires in California means it’s extremely important to dispose of Christmas trees properly. If you aren’t sure how to legally dispose of a Christmas tree, contact a professional tree removal company.

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