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Protect Your Yard By Removing Abandoned Stumps

Abandoned tree stumps can become hazards over time. Leaving them to stand on your property can lead to an unsightly tangle of weeds and brush. Pests, from rodents to raccoons, can move into a stump. If you forget it’s there, it can do a great deal of damage to your mower, and flying chunks of wood can put your loved ones in danger. Even if it breaks down over time, it can become a tripping hazard.

Hazards of DIY Stump Removal

An old stump may appear easy to remove on your own. However, stumps are quite heavy. Even if the tree has been gone for a while, that stump might be very well attached at the base. Digging around the outside of a stump to cut away the roots will take a great deal of effort and energy, and you may not get to the bottom of the stump where the largest roots are still hanging in there.

Pest Risk

Pests should also be considered. If the stump has been there a while, territorial insects may have moved in. If you happen upon a nest of wasps or hornets, you may be in serious trouble. Worse, these insects have found a home on your property and they will likely come back to make a home in other trees, your outbuildings, or your house. A stump removal professional can help you find a pest expert who will help you treat the stump and monitor your property.

Grinding Out a Stump

A commercial stump grinder, handled by a professional, can make quick work of an abandoned stump. Smaller tools, often available for rental by property owners, can take a great deal of time to grind out a large stump. During this time, anyone near the stump grinder is at risk from flying chips, mold, and bacteria that may have found a home in the stump.

Bring in a Professional

A skilled professional can offer you a great deal of information about the stump to be removed. They can let you know if there are stinging pests inside the stump. They can also let you know if any bacteria or fungi inside the stump are a risk to other established trees on your property. Getting trees professionally trimmed and pruned can protect your property for years to come.

Protect your loved ones by removing hazards such as abandoned stumps and enjoy a smooth, green lawn this summer. If you need to update your Virginia Beach, VA yard, reach out to Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal for expert stump grinding services.

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