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4 Safety Tips for Emergency Tree Removal

If your tree has snapped, fallen, or broken, then the best solution to consider is emergency tree removal. However, emergency tree removal can be risky; that is why you should consider the safety tips listed below.

1. Have the Safety of Others in Mind

It is important that when removing a tree, you should make your safety and that of the people nearby a priority. One way to effectively achieve this is to estimate the “felling zone” of the tree you are cutting. Once you have done located this felling zone, mark off that area to prevent accidents and injuries during emergency tree removal.

When estimating the felling zone, note that trees are taller and often reach further across the ground than you might expect. In other words, you should pad the estimate of the felling zone with extra space to ensure falling branches do not cause injuries to pedestrians or your family.

2. Wear Safety Equipment

It is not advisable to get into emergency tree removal without wearing the right gear. As such, ensure you wear leather gloves, safety glasses, and a hard hat. This safety equipment protects against flying debris, deadly falls, electrocution, cuts, and bites, among other concerns.

You should also consider wearing ear protection and Kevlar chaps, especially if you plan to operate a chainsaw. Chaps prevent the blade from cutting you if you accidentally drop the bar against your leg. Furthermore, you should remember to wear slip-resistant shoes and long sleeves for extra protection.

3. Do Not Work Alone

Working with a partner is highly recommended because it improves safety during emergency tree removal. Ensure someone is standing several feet behind you to monitor the situation and alert you in case of any potential dangers.

The person standing behind you should have a long stick that they can tap you with to let you know the tree is starting to fall or it is time to leave the area. Ideally, it is advisable that both you and your partner undergo first aid and CPR training so no one is in trouble in case of emergency.

4. Ensure Both Feet Are on Solid Ground

Only attempt emergency tree removal if the process allows you to keep both feet on the ground. That is to say, emergency tree removal jobs that require you to climb a ladder to do them should be left to professionals.

Professional tree removal companies have the experience and skill needed to take down trees without exposing anyone to injuries or damaging nearby property. Moreover, they have the right tools that allow them to carry out emergency tree removal quickly and effortlessly.

Emergency tree removal can compromise safety in many different ways; that is why it is advisable that you call a professional arborist. Skillful and highly experienced, professional arborists have what it takes to take down trees without jeopardizing your safety or that of your family. If you are a resident of Virginia Beach, VA and looking for emergency tree removal services, call Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal today.

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