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Remove Trees and Brush From Lawns Before the New Year

From late autumn until the current year’s end is the best time to schedule tree and brush removal for your property. This prepares your lawn and garden areas for the start of a new year. You should have your trees and shrubs inspected by an expert arborist in early autumn before their leaves fall. When foliage is still present, your tree care team can easily examine trees and bushes for signs of insect damage or disease.

Plan Tree and Brush Removal Services Before the New Year Arrives

Scheduling your lawn and garden tree and brush removal before the new year begins is advised by expert arborists and lawn care teams. It helps ensure the continued good health and beauty of your property. It also promotes healthy growth of young saplings and shrubbery during the early spring season of the new year. There are major reasons for scheduling a date with your tree care team before the current year ends.

Dormant trees are easier to remove. In late autumn and winter, dormant trees have lost their leaves. This makes them easier to examine for damage or disease and remove, if necessary. Tree specialists can work on and around a tree more effectively after it has shed leaves. Without leaves that can fall and scatter, tree care crews also have less debris to clean away after the tree is removed.

Frozen ground simplifies tree removal. If the ground is frozen surrounding the tree to be removed from your property, heavy equipment causes less damage to your lawn. This weighty machinery needed for tree removal will not displace your lawn’s soil, plants, and shrubs.

Most of the U.S. has less rainfall in late autumn and winter. Across the United States, there is typically less precipitation during the fall and winter months than in other seasons. With less ground-surface water and mud to deal with, your tree care specialists can complete a tree removal smoothly. Dry brush is also easier to remove than water-soaked debris.

Brush removal in warmer months may damage the soil. If you schedule brush removal during the warmer season, you may harm the soil and cause damage to the roots of your trees and shrubs. Since soil is dormant during the colder months, fewer plants are experiencing growth. This makes collecting and removing brush and debris much faster and more efficient.

For expert lawn care to remove trees and brush, consult Hampton Roads Tree & Brush Removal in Virginia Beach, VA for service before the end of the year. Our professional arborists and tree care team will ensure that you start the new year with healthy, vibrant trees, shrubs, and plants to enhance your property.

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