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Removing Problem Trees and Brush: The Sooner the Better

Trees and brush often cause trouble at the worst times. However, delaying removal may cause more problems in the long run. Trees, especially older, larger ones, can cause injuries or property damage. Brush can cause damage when permitted to grow out of control. Having these troublesome trees removed quickly prevents many future issues.

Avoiding Injury to Household Members and Visitors

Larger trees often have heavy branches that can cause serious injury if they fall on someone. These injuries could be quite severe and involve surgery, hospital stays, and physical therapy. Brush that gets overgrown can cause injury if someone gets caught up in it.

If these injuries were to happen to a visitor, you might be responsible for their medical costs. Also, an injury to a visitor might affect your home insurance rates.

Avoiding Damage to Others’ Property

If your tree abuts another property, the tree or its branches could fall on its buildings, cars, or other things. If the buildings or cars are occupied, there is a chance of injury. When brush grows beyond your property boundaries, there is a risk that it might obstruct a neighbor’s view when they’re backing out of their driveway.

The costs associated with these kinds of damage are high. Trees on your property that damage others’ property might also affect your home insurance costs.

Avoiding the Need to Buy New Equipment

Cutting down larger trees can be an extensive process, from cutting off smaller branches to grinding down the stumps. Most homeowners lack the equipment to perform these tasks properly.

The equipment that can tackle these tasks is expensive, and the cost isn’t worth it for those who don’t need to use it regularly. If you aren’t proficient using the equipment you buy or rent and end up hiring a tree service anyway, you’ll have spent money on both professional service and unnecessary equipment.

Cleaning Up the Yard

When you use a tree service, one of the things they can do is minimize the amount of cleanup required. Another benefit is that these services will clean up the debris left in your yard.

You can save money by not having to hire someone else to clean up debris you leave behind after a DIY tree removal. Another kind of cost savings comes from avoiding damage caused to yard equipment due to debris, which might require expensive repairs.

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